Marathon offers a variety of investment portfolio structures to meet the long-term investment objectives of our clients.
From large and small company portfolios to balanced and fixed-income approaches, our research-intensive investment discipline is designed to uncover attractive opportunities among publicly-traded securities.

Investment Profiles
Each client at Marathon Capital Management has a written Investment Profile that details investment objectives, risk tolerance levels, appropriate asset allocation ranges for portfolio construction, and other guidelines that establish the investment framework.
Monthly Statements
Each account is monitored within the context of the written Investment Profile and periodic reviews are conducted with each client. Notification of portfolio changes are mailed within a day or two of actual trades, and clients receive monthly statements from their custodians detailing portfolio holdings and performance.
Advisor Communication
Adopting a long-term view of capital markets requires discipline and patience, but we recognize the need to regularly review the investment process and share our thoughts and outlook. We encourage regular communication with our clients because we believe successful investment management is not only a function of performance, but also trust and understanding.

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